Journal Article Year
He Shuangchi, Melvyn Sim and Meilin Zhang, Data-Driven Patient Scheduling in Emergency Departments: A Hybrid Robust - Stochastic Approach, Management Science (forthcoming)

The work of Melvyn Sim was supported in part by Singapore Ministry of Education Social Science Research Thematic Grant MOE2016-SSRTG-059.
Melvyn Sim with Yu Zhang, Roberto Baldacci and Jiafu Tang, Routing Optimization with Time Windows under Uncertainty, Mathematical Programming, 1-43 2018
Melvyn Sim with Dimitris Bersimas, Meilin Zhang, A Practically Efficient Approach for Solving Adaptive Distributionally Robust Linear Optimization Problems, Management Science, (Forthcoming) 2017
Melvyn Sim with Jianzhe Zhen and Dick den Hertog, Adjustable Robust Optimization via Fourier-Motzkin Elimination, Operations Research, (Forthcoming) 2017
Working Paper Year
Melvyn Sim with Gar Goei Loke and Patrick Jaillet, "Risk-Based Manpower Planning: A Tractable Multi-Period Model" 2018
Melvyn Sim with Jingui Xie, Gar Goei Loke and Lam Shao Wei, "The Analytics of Bed Shortages: Coherent Metric, Prediction and Optimization" 2017